TOP DEAL: SEAT Leon 1.6 TDI 5-Door

BCC Seat Leon Offer

Without doubt one of our better deals right now is for the SEAT Leon 1.6 TDI hatchback. Available on a business contract hire deal for only £125.99 a month it represents remarkably good value for a car that even Top Gear rate highly – and we all know they love a supercar over a ‘normal’ car!

So what was it they liked so much?

Here’s a few of their comments:

On Value

“…good value without ever feeling cheap.”

On Efficiency

“…the most efficient Leon you can buy.”


“The capable, understated Seat Leon hatch has been quietly gathering a fanclub at TG…”

Coming from Top Gear that’s high praise indeed.

Enquire about our SEAT Leon business contract hire deal here and see the full details.

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