Technology that will change the way you drive… Forever!


In-Car Augmented Reality

Technology has become a massive part of most industries and now the same can be said for the motor trade!

As much as we love cars, we have to admit that driving can be a seriously frustrating experience at times. Whether it’s sitting in traffic for hours on end, or having to endure the actions of the road’s less considerate drivers.

Thankfully, engineers and scientists have been hard at work designing technology that eradicates the more irritating aspects of driving. So, the next time you’re sitting in traffic on a Monday morning fuming about someone cutting you up, remember: things are going to get better!

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

In the near future, every car on the road will be able to talk to each other. Not literally, of course, but through the transmission of data; your car will be able to tell you when someone is going too fast, when they’re too close to you and may even be able to slam on the brakes if you’re about to collide with another vehicle. A study by the US Department of Transportation suggested that the technology could reduce traffic accidents by a massive 82%.

It’s all part of a concept many futurists are dubbing the ‘internet of things’, in which every device we own – from our phones to our fridges – transmits data to the web so we can improve our lives.

The data your car collects could also be sent to highway agencies to determine congestion levels, allowing them to enact traffic-busting measures. That sounds good to us!

Your car…and your personal assistant


Google’s new in-car personal assistant?

Another upside of your car being connected to the Internet of Things is that it’ll be able to learn more about you and your driving preferences.

For example, your car will be able to learn when you go to work based on your daily routine. It’ll learn the route you take, and offer you shortcuts or alternative routes based on traffic data. It could even work out your preferred driving position, adjusting your seats and mirrors accordingly. Essentially, your car will become a kind of personal assistant, making driving much more convenient.

Jaguar have unveiled their plans for the technology already, while Google are reportedly developing an in-car personal assistant too. They’ve apparently named it KITT…

Driverless Cars

We don’t want to worry you, but there’s a real possibility that none of us will be driving by 2030. That’s the year experts expect driverless cars to be safe enough to be fully autonomous, with people able to work, chat or just relax while they commute.

Google's Self Driving Car

Sit back, relax (if you can!) and let the car do the work…

The road to that future began in earnest this year, with the UK’s first driverless car trials taking place in Greenwich, Coventry and Milton Keynes.

Of course, it’d take a massive cultural shift for driverless cars to take over our roads entirely. For those of us who actually enjoy driving, the idea of allowing a computer to do all the work isn’t exactly an appealing concept.

There’s also a question of trust. According to a study in US, 79% of people are afraid of riding in a driverless car, with the main concerns the car failing in the middle of the road, hacking and insurance liability.

So, there’s a clearly a long way to go until you’ll find a driverless vehicle on a car leasing website. But you can expect to a see few more on the road over the next couple of years.

Augmented Reality

Imagine if directions were laid out on the road before you instead of having to look at a sat nav, or if hazards were highlighted in an alarming shade of red.

Both could soon be a reality thanks to augmented reality technology, which ‘overlays’ the ‘real world’ with virtual data. BMW have already premiered their take on augmented reality, Vision Future Luxury, which projects data into your line of sight from the dashboard. Cars could also be linked with the raft of augmented reality headsets being developed, including Microsoft’s HoloLens and Google Glass.

Satellite Navigation

With the advances of satellite navigation, drive anywhere in the world with the confidence you’re never going to get lost. Whilst being guided by the latest GPS systems such as the latest TomTom’s which help you get to your destination with ease.

Tom Tom Satellite Navigation








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