The Brand New For 2017 Range Rover Velar!

The Range Rover Velar

Officially revealed at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, The Range Rover Velar is

definitely one not to miss out on. Land Rover have pulled out all of the stops with this

one. Packing it with loads of spec including two high-definition 10-inch touchscreens!


The Velar is 4.803 meters long, which slightly smaller than the Sport. But it is slightly

taller than the Evoque, so it fills the gap that Land Rover needed to fill for it to

compete with Jaguar’s F-Pace. Land Rover also have made a really stylish feature

on the Velar, the door handles recede into the door when you lock the car.

Range Rover Velar Side View

Range Rover Velar Side View


The interior of the Velar is second to none! You are able to change the lighting inside

to suit your mood – This consists of ten different colours. Also it comes with four-zone

climate control which can allow each passenger to set their own preference to the

temperature. Which makes the car a lot more convenient as no one will ever be too

hot or too cold. In the front of the velar comes with a split armrest, which can be

adjusted independently, this means that both the driver and the passenger can be


Range Rover Velar Interior

Range Rover Velar Interior


It also comes with a function that allows you to connect your smartphone or smart

watch to your Velar. This means you can start the car, lock and unlock it and also

pre-set the climate! Incontrol Connectivity allows you to add options such as

Navigation Pro and 4G WI-FI. This will allow you and your passengers to have the

most comfortable and convenient drive possible.

The Velar comes with two touchscreen displays which makes everything really easy

to access, and being able to access two different things on the car is definitely a

large benefit. Having all of the cars usual information on one screen, which will

include things like your sat-nav and radio stations. And the bottom screen replaces

all of the other button that are normally inside the car, which means you can adapt all

of the heating and suspension from one screen. Also Land Rover have created

Touch Pro Duo, which is where you can view two different things at once, for

example you can look at the Sat-Nav on the top screen while looking at the media

controls on the bottom screen.

Range Rover Velar dashboard

Range Rover Velar dashboard


On the standard model, it comes fitted with a two litre engine, which has been tuned

to create a staggering 178 horsepower. It also can travel form 0-60mph in 8.4

seconds, which is fairly quick for an SUV. The engine is quite economical too, with

Land Rover quoting an average of 52 miles per gallon so you can spend more time

driving and less time at the pumps.

Range Rover Velar off-road

Range Rover Velar off-road

We have some outstanding offers on the Velar which we don’t want you to miss out

on. For a leasing quote, call us on 0161 425 8334 of click here for more information.

Could this be your next SUV? Let us know in the comments!

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