Formula One car launches (continued)

 Formula One Car Launches Continued…

Yesterday we showed you the first five car launches of the 2017 Formula One season. If you haven’t read it yet, click here. Today, we are taking a look at the remaining teams to reveal their cars. Let us know in the comments what you think of the latest launches and what you’re looking forward too for the new season!

McLaren: MCL32

Formula One McLaren

Formula One McLaren

This year, the Woking based team have gone back to their old days providing a bright orange paint job.

With the departure of much loved Jenson, the team line up consists of a newbie, Stoffel Vandoorne

and Fernando Alonso. The Formula One team has struggled to have much success over the last few years and

hopefully, the Honda -powered car can score some points, especially with a new driver behind the


Williams: FW40

Formula One Williams

Formula One Williams

The other weak, the F1 team gave us a sneak peek as to what we could expect with a CGI concept.

With its signature paint job consisting of the white, red and blue colours the Martini team are hoping

to improve on last year’s disappointing fifth place constructors after slipping from third. Lance Stroll,

18 year old Rookie from Canada joins the team alongside Felipe Massa – Who retired at the end of

the 2016 season before re-joining the team after Bottas’ departure to Mercedes.

Toro Rosso: STR12

Formula One Toro Rosso

Formula One Toro Rosso

The stunning metallic blue and silver livery has already grabbed many peoples attention with most

people agreeing, it’s the best looking on the grid. It’s surprise bold look makes the Toro Rosso stand

out a lot more unlike recent years where it was perceived as an offspring to Red Bull Racing.

Carlos Sainz and Danniil Kvyat race alongside again in 2017 with the new car but regardless of where

they finish, people will definitely remember what it looks like.

Red Bull Racing: RB13

Formula One Red Bull

RB13 continues the recent tradition of using the dark matte blue, the Milton Keynes team are hoping

the RB13 isn’t unlucky with their disturbing launch video, filled with superstations and bad omens.

The catchphrase, unlucky for some, is heavily featured but hopefully Australian Daniel Riccardo and

Max Vestappen can pull closer to the Mercedes after finishing 2nd in the Constructors last year but

still 300 points behind the top spot.

Haas: VF17

Formula One Haas

Formula One Haas

The launch of Haas new machine came on Sunday afternoon, the last of the lot to be revealed in

Barcelona. Last year the team finished in an impressive eighth place during their debut year. Haas

have gone for a sleek grey, red and black outfit as well as the shark fin engine cover as seen on most

of the other cars. Hopefully the American team have another great season with Esteban Gutierrez

and ex-Renault driver, Kevin Magnussen in the cockpit.

That’s all the cars, now it’s time to see how they perform in testing when they hit the track on

Monday morning!


Formula One waves the green flag on March 26th when we will see all the cars in action – Keep your eyes out for more Formula One and car related content!

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