Drive Your Dream Car


Drive Your Dream Car – A Personal Lease Car!

In order to DRIVE YOUR DREAM CAR you need to get the best personal lease car deals when they become available!


Why buy a car if it is going to lose you so much money in depreciation?

It will cost you less to lease it – AND – you can offset all the cost against tax – so it will cost you even less!

Your knowledge of the personal lease car sector and access to NEW cut price finance deals means that you may be able to afford a vehicle that is normally outside your budget.

With the right contacts then you may get a better deal on the same car and at some point a more luxury vehicle may be available at a cheaper price than an economy vehicle – READ ON FOR MORE INFORMATION . . .

What cars are best for leasing?

There are numerous factors in determining a good lease car, such as the car’s residual value, the seasonal supply and demand of cars, the wider economy and new finance deals.

All popular makes and models are available in the personal lease market but generally the models which depreciate the slowest will be the most attractive in the market. German manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche all hold their value – but you may also give some consideration to other models – including Lexus , Honda , Jaguar S Type, Volvo, and your DREAM CAR.

The best deals on these DREAM CARS are often unknown to the smaller dealers until they are released, hence the sudden big promotion for a limited time only – AND SUBSEQUENTLY – If you want to


Drive your dream car

then access to these new top deals is essential if you want to obtain the very best personal car lease deal –


How do you obtain such information?

If any car leasing company offered new personal car lease deals to individuals via a weekly blog or even via a facebook page (ideally a closed facebook group) then they would not be short of customers – because the benefit to the customers would be incredible.

Imagine if you could join a “CAR-LEASING-UK” facebook group THAT ONLY OFFERED THE BEST DEALS TO ITS MEMBERS AS A REWARD FOR PROMOTING THEM ONLINE – such a relationship would have incredible value.

The ideal way to receive these top deals would be:

  • Via a “Closed Facebook Group” that promoted the top deals and provided useful information for the various financing options.
  • To link these finance deals to a website blog that had access to more car lease deals and more information – specifically for those who wanted it – without any other irrelevant information that often ‘clutters’ up the web.
  • To receive text / sms notifications to your mobile (at no cost to you the customer) with links to the best deals every week – yes, the opportunity to receive free texts that let you know the top deals each week.

Personal Lease Car Companies – What to look for:

  • Competitively priced maintenance packages to add onto your personal contract hire deals and personal car leasing special offers
  • Flexible Payment terms so you can take your personal contract hire deals and personal car leasing special offersover a period that suits you
  • Mileage terms that can be stipulated by you, which means your personal contract hire deal and personal car leasing special offer is tailor made for you or your business
  • All of their contract hire and leasing funders accept initial payments by direct debit after delivery, which means that you are driving the car or van before you have even started paying for the lease.
  • Protection for your personal contract hire deal and personal car leasing special offer payments via optional GAP Insurance.Drive your dream car

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