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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who prefers to work smart rather than work hard – then consider this simple example to help you on your journey . . .

Car Leasing makes the Mercedes 250 SLK (value approx £33K) an affordable option.

Do you work for yourself?

Is credibility and a first impression important?

Are you possibly involved in Network or Social Marketing?

Well great news

If you work for yourself or within a Network Marketing environment then you know the value of WORKING SMART – so why not DRIVE SMART – and you will not have to ask potential customers many more questions because they will be asking you everything you want to tell them – oh yes, when they see your shiny new dream car then it will be like a magnet for success.

As an example, the MERCEDES-BENZ SLK DIESEL ROADSTER 250 CDI 2dr Tip Auto holds its value and with a 2 year car leasing offer it means that when you return the car after 2 years use – it will have cost you £6,074.74 plus VAT (as a business user 100% of this cost can be ofsett against your tax bill).

You do the maths – you won’t get a better car for less money – and you won’t get a better business investment for attracting customers.

Billionaire J.P. Getty once said – “If it appreciates then buy it, if it depreciates then rent it”, and nothing holds more true than with a car, furthermore, it usually pays to listen to someone who is a financial success about financial issues.


These specific deals expire after a short while and afterwords the car will cost you a little more, perhaps £25 – £75 / month more – so access to the deals when they become available IS CRUCIAL as it will save you more money.

CAR LEASING is normally a  cheaper option for many people, however, the best deals (such as the one in this post) come and go and you have to be quick to respond otherwise you will miss them.


If you are then you would benefit from having access to these deals as and when they become available – without having to go looking for them.


Car Leasing UK is a new service from Blue Chilli Car Contracts Ltd.

They provide Car Leasing Solutions to help with:

  • Business Car Leasing
  • Personal Car Leasing
  • Contract Hire & More

The Car Leasing UK service is geared around providing solutions to problems –  namely:

  1. Problem – Lack of knowledge:

When people select a new vehicle for business or personal use they do not always get the best deal. One of the main problems for decision makers is access to honest and simple information on crucial factors such as – new finance deals, true depreciation figures, seasonal trends and current or future manufacturer and dealer offers.

  1. Solution – Access to knowledge:

Car Leasing UK provide regular articles with tips and information that help business and personal decison makers with the knowledge to know what is a good deal and what is not a good deal. Car Leasing UK believe that people should choose their own vehicle based on a good knowledge base and not be influenced by car salesman.

They have created a website / blog site where these ‘knowledge based articles’ can be accessed. Furthermore, these articles are available via an RSS News Feed that can be fed into your own website or into your browser – so you have updates on a regular basis.

To view this blog site – visit

2. Problem – Online access to SPECIAL CAR OFFERS is not always current:

Many websites exist with car deals, however, quite often these deals are not current and do not take into consideration possible new finance deals or seasonal trends. These means that whilst the websites may look great – the actual deals are not the best – so decision makers do not get the best deals.

2. Solution – Online acccess to CURRENT SPECIAL CAR OFFERS:

Many websites exist with car deals, however, what makes the “Car Leasing UK” service different, is that because they are run by Blue Chilli Car Contracts Ltd, they are able to access the VERY BEST CURRENT CAR FINANCE DEALS from various manufacturers and big dealerships – and then, to promote these deals at their main website –

3.  Problem – Many TOP DEALS are only available at websites:

When business or personal decision makers find a website they trust with regards to accessing the BEST CURRENT CAR DEALS they may only be available at their website. This is no good if the customer looks for a deal just after the deadline for a TOP DEAL has expired.

3. Solution – Multiple points of access via PC and mobile:

Car Leasing UK provide multiple points of access for business and personal decision makers. These means you never have to miss a TOP CAR DEAL EVER AGAIN.

  • Access via text / sms notifications. These are FREE to receive are simple reminder updates sent out when a new deal is available. They are sent with a link that sends you directly to the special offers website. They can be accessed via your mobile – so you can access at any time and any place – SIMPLY A GREAT SERVICE.
  • Access via facebook. Many people like and use facebook for social chat etc. Car Leasing UK have their own facebook page with light hearted video’s for people to LIKE and SHARE  – they use it to increase awareness of their service, but it is light hearted and geared for facebook entertainment. Car Leasing UK also have a closed facebook group – this has been set up to provide TIPS and KNOWLEDGE and CAR DEALS for those who are LOOKING AND WANT CAR DEALS – they can now do this whilst on facebook and whilst socialising with their friends. Ideally, they can also promote CAR LEASING UK / BLUE CHILLI CARS.
  • Access via RSS Feeds. Car Leasing UK have a blog site that also has a NEWSFEED that you can subscribe to FREE OF CHARGE. This feed can be accessed from your own website or your browser. News Feeds are also available for the Closed Facebook Group mentioned earlier, but this would just be whilst on facebook.

CAR LEASING is NOT THE SAME as LEASE PURCHASE and if you want to obtain the cheapest monthly repayments for a new car then CAR LEASING is likely to be your best option – so choose one of the best CAR LEASING companies to do business with AND EQUALLY AS IMPORTANT – DON’T MISS OUT ON THE BEST DEALS AS THEY DON’T LAST LONG.

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