A Blue Chilli Summary: The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour: Bigger, Bolder, Better.

The Grand Tour has finally hit Amazon Prime, after Jeremy Clarkson and Co left the BBC back in May 2015. Their new adventure is produced by Andy Wilman who produced Top Gear before exiting with the boys. From the trailer the new show looks packed with explosions, stunning cars and exotic locations.

The opening sequence is Jeremy taking a dig to the BBC before jetting off to LA and jumping in a rental car, the Fisker-Galpin Rocket Mustang. Whilst driving down the open road, he’s joined by Hammond and May in tow, bringing back the much loved trio!


Hammond, May and Clarkson in Mustangs

The lads are then joined by a convoy of fellow petrol heads in some bizarre looking vehicles heading towards their very own Grand Tour Burning Van festival for the launch of the new show.

burning-van-festivalThe New Format

The show’s new format will be taking place from a tent which is travelling all over the world with them so their audience and backdrop change week in and week out. This makes out for a much more diverse show with one even supposedly taking place in Lapland!

The first show saw the lads doing any petrol heads dream and took on The Holy Trinity which consisted of the Porsche 918, La Ferrari and Mclaren P1, with a combined value of around £3m!

Richard took on the stunning Porsche 918, Jeremy in the crazy P1 and James was behind the wheel of the La Ferrari. They then took on a series of challenges to put these hybrid supercars through their paces to find out which one comes out on top.

The Mclaren P1, Porsche 918 and La Ferrari.

The Mclaren P1, Porsche 918 and La Ferrari.

Also making a return are a few similarities such as a brand new test track. The Eboladrome which Jeremy named since it looks like the virus, Ebola. There is also a section with celebrities, which die and a brand new driver… Since Amazon insisted they have someone from over The Pond. The American, also known as Mike Skinner from the loved American sport, NASCAR.

We’re sure there will be much more to come throughout the lengthy 12 episode season.

What’re your opinions of The Grand Tour?

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