Bad Driving Habits

Top 10 bad driving habits


We all have bad habits in our day to day lives, however drivers are prone to get into bad habits while driving. Some of the habits can cause great danger to you or other drivers on the road. Below are our top 10 bad habits which some drivers have been known to do and sometimes drivers aren’t even aware they’re doing it!Contract Hire Volkswagen Golf

Using a Mobile Phone Whilst Driving

Did you know that using a mobile phone whilst driving reduces your reaction time by 30%?

You may think that it is easy to control your car as well as looking through social media but just two seconds of not concentrating and a car could pull out on you and you could cause a crash for not looking.

Calling and driving

A woman on the phone while driving


Failure to keep in the left lane when not overtaking

Most drivers are in the habit of ‘hogging’ the middle or outside lane on motorways. This can cause a build-up of traffic on busy motorways. This actually is a driving offence and can be penalised through points on your license and a fine.

Middle lane hoggers

Middle lane hoggers

Riding Your Clutch

This is where the driver will rest their foot on the clutch getting ready to change gear, or is can be where the driver does not release the clutch fully after changing gears. This causes the clutch disc to slip against the flywheel which causes wear on the disc. Some of our maintained lease deals don’t include damaged clutches so be aware!

Leaving full beam lights on

Don’t you hate it when you’re driving down a dark road and the oncoming car doesn’t turn their full beams off? Not only is it rude

to not turn them off, but it can also cause a crash by blinding the oncoming car and they cannot see the corner.

Full beam headlights

Full beam headlights

Incorrect seat positioning

When you are sat on your seat and extend your arms forward, your hands should surpass the steering wheel and your wrists should touch the wheel. This gives you enough room to turn a corner without having to stretch. Also, you should be able to put your feet on the floor past the pedals without having to move your hips or thighs off the seat. Doing this will make you able to perform an emergency stop comfortably and effectively.



Tailgating is a dangerous and annoying habit which is the cause of thousands of crashes every year. This is where a driver drives too closely to the car in front, this can be explained by not giving the ‘two second gap’ between you and the car in front. This can be the most annoying bad habit by drivers, as it is dangerous and very intimidating.

Driving too close


Drinking and Driving

Drinking and driving is the most dangerous habit that any driver can get used to doing. Some drivers can get a false sense of confidence when they have been drinking and think they will be fine to drive home. Don’t get into the habit of doing this. If you are going on a night out or going to the pub for a few drinks, leave your keys at home and arrange a lift home.


Everyone knows the dangers of exceeding the speed limits on roads, however, some people still seem to fail to acknowledge how fast they’re travelling. New tech may be to blame as they can be distracting and you are not concentrating on how fast you are moving. You should always glance at your speedometer regularly so you know how fast you’re going.


Speeding when driving

Improper use of indicators

When you indicate to turn the corner or to change lanes on a motorway, you still need to check your mirrors and your blind spots before doing the manoeuvre. When learning to drive your instructor taught you the saying ‘mirror, signal then manoeuvre’, this still applies after you have passed your test.

Not wearing your seat belt.

In my own opinion, this is the most important law for driving. But some people seem to ignore this law. A seat belt protects a driver from being thrown around in the car in the event of a crash. Over 50% of accidents would be less serious if all drivers and passengers wore their seat belts at all times – even if you are driving round the corner to your local shop.

If you’re looking at getting on the road in a brand new car this year, check out some of our amazing leasing deals on our website but remember… Stay away from bad driving habits!

Everyone has bad driving habits, if we haven’t mentioned your habit then please feel free to comment yours below!

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