Jaguar E-Pace Vs Range Rover Evoque The Contenders:     Jaguar have launched their latest SUV, the Jaguar E-Pace to compete against the highly successful Range Rover Evoque. The Evoque was announced 5 years prior to the E-Pace back in 2012 at the Geneva Motor Show. Could the 5 years […]

Jaguar E-Pace Vs Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Velar Officially revealed at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, The Range Rover Velar is definitely one not to miss out on. Land Rover have pulled out all of the stops with this one. Packing it with loads of spec including two high-definition 10-inch touchscreens! Exterior The Velar […]

The Brand New For 2017 Range Rover Velar!

Geneva Motor Show 2017 The Geneva Motor Show is the automobile capital of the world once a year. It is the place manufacturers will head too to show the press and public their new concepts, designs and launches. Showing off some of the most exciting prospected cars of the year. […]

What can you expect from the 2017 Geneva Motor Show?

Formula One Red Bull
 Formula One Car Launches Continued… Yesterday we showed you the first five car launches of the 2017 Formula One season. If you haven’t read it yet, click here. Today, we are taking a look at the remaining teams to reveal their cars. Let us know in the comments what you think of […]

Formula One car launches (continued)

Motoring Mondays – Formula One Car Launches Last Monday the week was kicked off with the first car for the 2017 Formula One season to be launched with Sauber revealing the C36-Ferrari. Now, a week later the all new cars are hitting the track for their first day of testing in […]

Motoring Mondays – Formula One Car Launches

Hot Hatchbacks For 2017 Is there anything better than sporty, hot hatchbacks? We’re going to show you some of our favourite hot hatchbacks in the market at the moment.   Ford Fiesta ST-2 Ford have been producing spectacular cars for many years. The Fiesta ST-2 is no exception, with its […]

Hot Hatchbacks For 2017

The changes in Vehicle Excise Duty (Road Tax) starting on April 1st   What is happening? Cars which are registered from April 1st 2017 will be priced on how much CO2 emitted by the vehicle. All will be charged at a standard rate of £140 a year (except from cars […]

Vehicle Excise Duty (Road Tax) Changes

A Blue Chilli Guide to Hybrid Cars Hybrid cars are now becoming more and more popular by the minute. With them combining electricity as well as petrol or diesel, it makes them more efficient and doesn’t affect the environment as much. This means you can go further on one tank, […]

Hybrid Cars

The Toyota CH-R   Read below to find out more about the brand new Toyota CH-R and what our opinions are.

The Brand New Toyota CH-R

We know how dangerous it can be driving in the ice and snow. So we thought we should give you some ideas on the best cars that can handle all the ice!   Land Rover Discovery Sport The Land Rover Discovery is one of the most recognised 4×4 in the […]

Best cars for driving in the winter

Top 10 bad driving habits   We all have bad habits in our day to day lives, however drivers are prone to get into bad habits while driving. Some of the habits can cause great danger to you or other drivers on the road. Below are our top 10 bad […]

Bad Driving Habits